FemMetal War of Crews 2019


Stage 1: Drafting and Qualifying Stage

Fans draft up to 10 bands with at least one permanent female member by writing their names here. Drafting will remain for 10 days starting May 10th 2019.
Bands will be arranged according to the number of drafts they received. The top 32 bands qualify for the next stage. The number of times the bands were listed as number one will break a tie in case of ties at placement crucial ranks. (8th, 16th, 24th, and 32nd)

Stage 1 Result

Stage 2: Groups Stage



Voting Results

Stage 3: Round of 16

Top of each group faces the second of an adjacent group in a knockout stage as follows:


Voting is from Saturday 25th May till Monday 27th, 11 PM CEST.

Click here to vote.

Stage 4: Quarter-Finals

Winners of Round of 16 face up in a knockout stage.

Stage 5: Semi-Finals

Winners of Quarter-Finals face up in a knockout stage.

Stage 6: Finals

One winner is decided.