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What is FemMetal?

FemMetal is a project aiming to create a large network of metal fans and support Female-fronted bands, focused in Metal but also extending to Hard and Alternative Rock, as well as bands with other female members. FemMetal’s goal is to promote female voices in the Metal world and direct the spotlight on new, unlabeled and underground bands.

Music is a journey, it is like life. We treasure all the experiences we all have, they are part of us. Today my music is everything that I know, everything that I love, everything that I want.

Tarja Turunen
Fichier:Tarja Turunen at Obras Stadium 2008 07.jpg

Why Female-fronted bands?

Simply because we are fans of that amazing effect that comes to be when the divine soprano blends with the loud distorted guitars to form that epic feeling. In addition to the amazing female vocalists with harsh voices that sting you with their voices.

FemMetal Goals

  1. Creating a large network of metal and rock fans to promote new and underground bands that are female-fronted or consist of one or more female member
  2. Creating a music guide and archive dedicated to female-fronted bands with ratings and album reviews
  3. Promoting feminism in music
  4. Creating a festival dedicated for female-fronted bands